Trump Manifested should be read for the following reasons:

Mr. Trump writes and speaks for himself, on various topics concerning his character, tactics, and immensity; each topic compiled according to the study's basic theme.

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Mr. Trump is accused by those who know him, or, of him, of being a "toxic" narcissist, sociopath - and even a psychopath, about which this study defends him against these questionable epithets -- but not that he is a ruthless opportunist.
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Discerning readers doubtlessly will be faced with whether or not they know for sure the "real" Donald Trump.

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This author's closing aphorisms aids the readers' perspective by:
(1) revealing his own views on Mr. Trump's character
(2) recommending his book, OfPathics and Evil, a researched study of the pathic (destructive)
temperament and behavior - in defense against the accusations aimed at Mr. Trump's character other than (as mentioned) his being a ruthless opporunist
(3) suggesting the historic necessity of Trump's rise to the American Presidency in relation to mankind's continuing conscious transformation toward the ascendancy of justice and wisdom over injustice and ignorance
(4) Explaining why he disengages Trump from being an overman.
(5) Disengaging him from being a statesman