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The origin and main purpose of Public Benefit Press is to offer receptive persons(1) pertinent books, in PDF format, and (2) interactive enquiries, through email exchange that contribute to our conscious transformation occurring dramatically in our times.
Public Benefit Press is affiliated with the nonprofit status, Public Benefit Association (#34658)   
Some of these distinctive books are free of charge and some are of one standard, $6.00, price. There is also an optional donation, monetary or service, for those who wish to help promote our conscious transformation quest for which the Public Benefit Press itself contributes.
The income accrued from book purchases or services are designated  to promote  our conscious transformation quest, which comprises  (1) a critical-creative thinking educa- tion,(2) an independent-beneficial society, (3) a human-transcendent wisdom, (4) an ascendancy culture, and (5) of course, our modest living expenses. [donations]
Each book includes a brief description and extended excerpts.  
Each unfinished book is free of charge.
All human-transcendent books, are available only in PDF format and are available on request by email-attachment.   [participants]
Only selected critical-creative thinking studybooks are available in PDF format.
Human-Transcendent Books